Garrett S. Kneese, MD, MPH, Class of 2022

Garrett S. Kneese, MD, MPH
Garrett S. Kneese, MD, MPH

Why did you choose medicine?

My mother has battled various autoimmune disorders for most of my life. When first diagnosed, she spent years working with her doctors to find a treatment regimen that balanced disease control while mitigating medication side effects. This process was one of great compassion, concern, and teamwork alongside her physicians, and it was one that gave me back my mom. That was my initial inspiration:  to get others back into the game of life who’ve been sidelined and bring them back to a full experience alongside their families and community.

Today, I continue in my pursuits to help solve the challenges faced by our ever-changing health care system and those it brings to our most vulnerable patients in hopes of becoming an excellent physician and public health practitioner who serves each person and community with a yearning for equity and just care.

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