Natasha Bakunda, MSN, RN, Class of 2020

Why did you choose UT Health San Antonio?

I chose UT Health San Antonio initially because it was affordable and had a great reputation as a state school.

How did UT Health San Antonio help you?

Getting a master’s degree at UT Health was like levelling up in a video game, while using a cheat code, and finding the Easter egg. It was a critical element of helping me get out of what I call “the struggle years,” and into a phase of my life where I could be of use to myself and others. But, UT Health did more than just launch me into a well-paid profession, it taught me to trust myself, to believe in myself, and to have the confidence that I could overcome any challenge that was placed before me.

That lesson alone is invaluable. My confidence has translated into a hope for a better future for every patient, every student, and every loved one.

What was your most rewarding experience at UT Health San Antonio?

There were so many, but I think that serving as the School of Nursing Presidential Ambassador for the 2019 academic year takes the cake.

How are you giving back to UT Health San Antonio?

I make yearly donations to the Lozano-Long endowment. It’s not a lot, but one day I hope it will be. I also teach and mentor students at the School of Nursing, and I volunteer at school events whenever I have the opportunity. UT Health is my family.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

I am very proud of what I do as a correctional facilities nurse practitioner. I help some of the most marginalized and special communities in the country. It’s not easy, but it’s very rewarding and humbling. I feel like my work is my religion: bringing comfort to those in the worst time of their life.

Natasha Bakunda, MSN, RN
Natasha Bakunda, MSN, RN, Class of 2020