March 6, 2020

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Residents and Fellows:

As we continue to track the spread of COVID-19, UT Health San Antonio is adding additional measures to help protect our students, faculty, staff, residents and patients. I am sympathetic to the many hardships these restrictions impose, but believe these measures are prudent. I ask for your understanding and patience.

Below is a list of the existing and new travel measures that have been instituted by UT Health San Antonio. More details can be found on

  • Business-related international travel: As of yesterday, March 5, all business-related international travel has been suspended until further notice. Appeals may be directed to my office if a case can be made that the travel has the potential for life-saving impact.
  • Incoming international travel related to visitors/learners: As of yesterday, all incoming (visiting) international travel for learners and visitors has been suspended until further notice.
  • NEW as of today: Business-related domestic travel previously approved through April 30, 2020: Supervisors and employees are to re-evaluate the absolute necessity of domestic business travel plans. Appropriate justification of why travel cannot be canceled/rescheduled will be required. Only travel deemed to have the potential for life-saving impact and endorsed by the respective Dean or Vice President will be allowed.
  • NEW as of today: New domestic business travel: Approval for new domestic business travel will ordinarily not be considered until April 1, 2020; an exception for such a trip must be approved by the respective Dean or Vice President using the criteria of life-saving impact. New business travel requests will be reviewed on April 1, but that date is subject to change.
  • NEW as of today: Incoming domestic travel related to campus visitors/learners: Please consider if visits by those traveling to campus from domestic locations have the potential for life-saving impact. If not, it is suggested that these visits be postponed or handled electronically.
  • NEW as of today: International and Domestic Personal Travel for employees and learners: With the abundance of caution and concern, we are implementing a brief and easy-to-use Safety Travel Tracker for travelers (employees and learners) who are traveling outside of Texas for personal reasons. The purpose of this Tracker is to help us formulate appropriate ‘return to campus’ guidelines, as necessary, for the safety of our community as self-monitoring and self-quarantine may be advised. The information in this database will be held in confidence. I encourage employees and learners who are traveling for personal reasons from now until further notice to complete and submit the information about your personal travel plans using the above link. Please strongly consider the risk of international travel at this time, as well as domestic travel to areas of high COVID-19 case concentration.

As always, I encourage everyone to utilize best practices to defend against COVID-19 as well as other respiratory illnesses. Thank you for your support and understanding of these measures. My wish is for each one of you to stay healthy.


With appreciation and respect,

William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP

President and Professor of Medicine

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