3/22/20 | 3 pm | Exam Status for School of Nursing

Dear Students,

The University is moving forward with purchasing a proctor product for exams.  The product will not be available for approximately 3 weeks.  We are moving forward with administering course exams as scheduled.  We view it as a priority to keep students on track.  Exams will be administered through ExamSoft.  Here are some guidelines the faculty are following or considering for exam administration:

Students will have 1.5 min/question (approved accommodations will remain in place)

Exams will not allow for students to revisit answered questions

Faculty may administer multiple comparable exam versions over a 24 hour period, recognizing that students have constraints for finding time to sequester during the exam.

Students should maintain impeccable academic integrity.

Scratch paper will be allowed.

Some exams will be open book.

Exam review will be delayed until all students have taken the exam.

We are cognizant that this is a time of anxiety and uncertainty.  The faculty are striving to maintain academic standards while being sensitive to the uniqueness of the situation.  Your patience is appreciated.  We fully expect we will have to continue to adapt our processes.  We will keep you updated.


Dr. Byrd, Dr. Gill, and Dr. O’Neal

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