3/24/20 | 3:30 pm | Beware of Increasing Scam Attempts

COVID-19 related scams and attempts to defraud the public is rapidly increasing.  Here are several examples that have recently emerged:

  • An email phishing campaign purportedly originating from the World Health Organization (WHO) instructing recipients to open an attachment for instructions on how to fight the coronavirus.  Opening the attachment downloads malware that steals credentials and exfiltrates stolen data.
  • Red Cross impersonators going door-to-door claiming authorization to administer a COVID-19 test for a nominal fee.
  • Fictitious online maps inaccurately displaying the locations of reported positive cases. Visiting the site downloads malware capable of exfiltrating data.
  • Hoax Centers for Disease Control (CDC) calls or texts offering to, “Reserve your dose of COVID-19 vaccine before supplies are depleted.”  There is currently no FDA-approved vaccine to treat the disease.
  • Extortion emails or phone calls threatening to infect your entire family if you don’t pay.
  • Due to the rapidly evolving concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, Texas organizations should leverage teleworking capabilities for continuity of operations. Follow these DIR Teleworking Tips.

To learn more about how you can protect yourself from COVID-19 related scams, please visit the UT Health Phish Bowl.

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