4/7/20 | 10:30 am | Control of PPE Supply at the Receiving Docks

In order to conserve PPE, we will be implementing changes at all receiving docks similar to PPE control procedures implemented at the Long Campus central receiving dock.  We will adjust the management of PPE received at all receiving sites as follows:

  • Departments should discontinue ordering PPE via pro-card.
  • All orders (procard and requisitions) received at all receiving docks (MARC, MCC, COHR, Long Campus) will be opened by Central Receiving staff.
  • Critical PPE is identified as any masks, hand sanitizers, and cleaning products.
  • Any critical PPE received at the MARC will be diverted to Walter Stone to be added to MARC Central Supply.
  • Any critical PPE received at the COHR will be diverted to Eric Day to be added to the COHR Central Supply.
  • Any critical PPE received at the Mays CC will be diverted to Stephanie Shelton to be added to Mays CC Central Supply.
  • Any critical PPE received at the Long Campus will be diverted to Walter Stone to be added to MARC Central Supply.
  • Departments will be notified by Central Receiving that their order has been diverted and advised to make a request from the appropriate Central Supply.
  • Requests for PPE from any departments should be submitted using the online request here.
  • These requests will be routed to Jennifer Potter and Walter Stone, Eric Day, or Stephanie Shelton for prompt fulfillment if appropriate.  All PPE requests are reviewed and often reduced depending on supply.  This request form allows departments to indicate their PID so that if the request is not fulfilled due to critical need, they will be reimbursed for the cost of the diverted PPE.

We implemented this diversion process with the Central Receiving dock on the main campus a couple of weeks ago and it worked well, avoiding stockpiling in decentralized locations. As we move to universal masking across the institution for those employees required to be on-site, our PPE supply must be closely managed. We will move as quickly as possible to procure cloth masks for our non-clinical personnel and cloth filtered masks for our clinical personnel. We will also continue to monitor our supply chain opportunities for surgical masks.

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