4/10/20 | 5:30 pm | Updates from extramural sponsors, Office of Sponsored Programs

In accordance with our weekly COVID-19 sponsored programs update, we would like to bring four (4) areas to your attention this week:

  • NIH COVID-19 updates
  • Texas state agencies COVID-19 updates and guidance
  • Additional Information regarding COVID-19 Tracking for Non-Salary Related Expenses
  • COVID-19 Funding Opportunities (New and Supplemental Funds Available)

NIH COVID-19 updates

NIH is Open for Business

  • Extramural staff are working remotely
  • NIH continues to process applications and make awards
  • NIH is conducting peer review meetings virtually
  • NIH continues to work diligently to provide funding opportunities to support COVID-19 research

Application Deadlines

  • NIH will accept late applications through May 1 for deadlines between March 9 and May 1
  • No justification for the late submission is needed
  • FOAs expiring within that time period will be extended
  • Details can be found in NOT-OD-20-091

Accommodations for Loss of Time for Investigators Early in their Careers

  • Extensions will be considered for early-stage investigator eligibility status due to COVID-19-related disruptions
  • NIH will be flexible with extending time constraints for fellowship, career development and training awards, including phased awards.
  • More information can be found in FAQs at grants.nih.gov/faqs#/covid-19.htm.

Texas state agencies COVID-19 updates and guidance

  • Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas has launched a new COVID-19 webpage. CPRIT will continue to post new information to their COVID-19 webpage as it becomes available.
  • Texas Department of State Health Services issued guidance for Grantees and Contractors.
  • Texas Health & Human Services Commission issued Broadcast Message No. 20.021 to provide updates regarding COVID-19.

Please note that for Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas Health & Human Service Commissions contracts, both agencies are not authorized to provide carry forward funds due to contract deliverables being delayed because of the COVID-19 epidemic. As such, if the funds are not spent within the contract period, then the funds will not be automatically carried forward.

Additional Information regarding COVID-19 Tracking for Non-Salary Related Expenses

On Monday, April 5th, UT Health SA Business Affairs sent an email to provide guidance for tracking COVID-19 response costs.  The email provided guidance regarding the following:

  1. Recording healthcare, instructional, research and other support costs dedicated to COVID-19 activities which are not related to a current active sponsored project.
  2. Classifying of expenditures which are COVID-19 related. This applies for those COVID-19 expenditures which are charged on a sponsored project, for example, the purchase of cryopreservation or the like when related to keeping cells alive due to the COVID-19 epidemic.  The individual that enters the requisition in the financial system for the purchase of cryopreservation would mark in the system that the expense is related to COVID-19.

Generally, but with some caution since some sponsors have not issued guidance, principal investigators have the flexibility to utilize their existing budget to cover COVID-19 related expenses on their grants.  Principal investigators should work with their department administrators to help identify and record any costs that were unanticipated or are directly related to the ramifications and impact of COVID-19.  Recording and properly tracking COVID-19 expenses on sponsored projects will allow the institution to report COVID-19 related expenditures across all fund groups, but more importantly, will allow for the proper documentation that will be needed should supplemental funding for such expenses become available from our extramural sponsors. Investigators should assist in the recording of all COVID-19 related costs for the institution, but they are not required to track such costs for individual award report purposes on their sponsored projects. However, it may be helpful for investigators to individually track COVID-19 charges on their sponsored projects for their own purposes, which may vary.

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities (New and Supplemental Funds Available)

OSP continues monitoring and updating our list of available funding opportunities related to COVID-19, available at http://research.uthscsa.edu/osp/forms/covid19.xlsx. Since last week, we have added eight (8) new COVID-19 funding opportunities.

OSP will continue to provide COVID-19 updates as we gather more information from both our funding sponsors and institutional leadership.


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