4/24/20  | 5 p.m.  |  Updates from extramural sponsors, Office of Sponsored Programs

For this week’s COVID-19 sponsored programs update, we have the following three (3) topics:

  • NIH application information related to COVID-19
  • New NIH Resource to Analyze COVID-19 Literature
  • COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

NIH Application Information related to COVID-19

For NIH applications that are currently being peer-reviewed, the NIH has released guidance to clarify that when reviewing applications, reviewers should assume that issues resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, such as the following, should not affect scores:

  • Some key personnel on grant applications may be called up to serve inpatient testing or patient care roles, diverting effort from the proposed research
  • Feasibility of the proposed approach may be affected, for example, if direct patient contact is required
  • The environment may not be functional or accessible
  • Additional human subjects protections may be in order, for example if the application was submitted prior to the viral outbreak
  • Animal welfare may be affected, if institutions are closed temporarily
  • Biohazards may include insufficient protections for research personnel
  • Recruitment plans and inclusion plans may be delayed, if certain patient populations are affected by the viral outbreak
  • Travel for key personnel or trainees to attend scientific conferences, meetings of consortium leadership, etc., may be postponed temporarily
  • Curricula proposed in training grant applications may have to be converted to online formats temporarily
  • Conferences proposed in R13/U13 applications may be canceled or postponed.
  • The NIH will work with the applicant to resolve any issues related to temporary, emergency conditions prior to making the award.

Also, if you have already submitted an application and due to the effects of COVID-19 some of the information needs to be revised, please contact your OSP pre-award reviewer designated for your department. Such post-submission grant application materials can be submitted as long as the materials are allowed under the usual policy and are received by NIH at least fourteen (14) days before the start of the review meeting.

New NIH Resource to Analyze COVID-19 Literature

With assistance from the NIH, the Allen Institute for Al has made available a new website to provide a COVID-19 dataset tool which represents the most comprehensive, freely available library of machine readable coronavirus scholarly literature to date, with hundreds of AI tools and technologies already created.  Building on this effort, the NIH Office of Portfolio Analysis (OPA) has assembled a comprehensive listing of COVID‑19 publications and preprints that is freely available to the public and coupled with a user-friendly portfolio analysis interface for querying the full text and supplemental data. The COVID-19 portfolio is updated daily with new literature selected for inclusion by subject matter experts.  It draws upon NLM’s PubMed resource for citations and abstracts of published biomedical literature.

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities (New and Supplemental Funds Available)

OSP continues monitoring and updating our list of available funding opportunities related to COVID-19, available at http://research.uthscsa.edu/osp/forms/covid19.xlsx.  Since last week, we have added eleven (11) new COVID-19 funding opportunities.

OSP is hopeful that these weekly COVID-19 sponsored program updates are being utilized and are helpful.

Chris G. Green, CPA
Senior Director
Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

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