5/12/20 | 4:26 pm | Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences FAQs

1. Can you provide clarity on what the faculty and graduate school will expect from the upcoming committee meetings in light of the delays in acquiring data due to COVID-19?

  • The expectations for committee meetings should be discussed between the student and the PI and then those expectations should be shared with the committee members.

2. For students whose research is impacted by the partial shutdown of labs, how will this affect degree conferrals that were planned for the spring?

  • The Registrar is modifying the in absentia policy to accommodate those students who are in this situation. The in absentia and graduation fee will also be waived in this circumstance.

3. Will students be able to provide feedback at the end of the term regarding online instruction?

  • Students are encouraged to provide course feedback through their online course evaluations at the end of each course.

4. Will electronic signatures be accepted on Form 41/43 and Approval Pages?

  • Yes. Your committee members should sign your form using a timestamped signature, such as an Adobe signature. Completed forms should be emailed to Amber Yuker, YukerA@uthscsa.edu.

5. Are students still expected to schedule their committee meetings? How will lack of research progress affect research, dissertation, and thesis course grades?

  • Yes, students should still work to schedule their committee meetings virtually. To ensure that student’s grades will not be impacted given the circumstances, the expectations for committee meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic should be discussed between the student and the PI and then those expectations should be shared with the committee members.

6. Will Fall courses be online as well?

  • As of now, Fall courses starting in August are anticipated to be back on campus. Courses starting in July may need to meet virtually. More information to come as the situation continues to evolve.

7.  Has there been, or will there be, any changes to security because of the pandemic and the increase of people on campus in the evenings and on weekends?

  • Campus police has instructed their staff to do foot patrols and high visibility. They have also launched a new app called UT Health Safe that can be downloaded. The App is feature rich for safety escorts, information, etc.

8. How will the CARES act money be applied?

  • The institution is awaiting approval from the UTS Chancellor on distributing CARES Act funds and there will be an application process that will be announced then.

9. When is the library going to open up?

  • Announcements about Library availability is forthcoming.

10. Is there anyone working to determine the availability of unused lab space for students to utilize?

  • Until a return to campus plan is finalized, it has been decided to keep these spaces closed.

11. Is it possible to create a training around proper return to campus guidelines?

  • Online courses regarding useful practices to resume work are in development. Below are the course topics:
    • Basics of the virus and disease
    • Social distancing guidelines for general facilities:
      • Elevators (e.g. use one person at a time)
      • Walk on other side of corridor
      • Etc
    • When and where to use PPE
      • Some general content on face coverings and other CDC and OSHA guidelines that may apply
      • Safety in lab and non-lab settings, like maintaining and cleaning equipment
      • Best practices in sharing space and maintaining physical distance
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