7/16/2020 | 9:36 am | Gold’s gym reimbursements and cost of attendance budgets

We understand the last four months have been a challenge for everyone. Please know that we truly appreciate your determination, fortitude, and patience while institutional leadership works through multiple complex issues as our shared academic and professional realities change weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly.

After reviewing the latest COVID-19 projections and listening to student leader feedback, UT Health San Antonio announces the following:

  1. Students who paid the Gold’s Gym fitness fee in June/July for the 2020-2021 academic year will receive a refund in early Fall 2020. If there is an outstanding balance on a student’s account, the refund will first be applied to the balance owed. If a third-party payor was responsible for a student’s account, the third-party payor will receive the refund. Questions regarding your account can be sent to bursar4students@uthscsa.edu.
  2. Students who are enrolling in August for the 2020-2021 academic year will not be charged the fitness fee for Fall 2020.
  3. Please note, the gym will remain closed through Labor Day, with the possibility of a longer closure based on prevailing health conditions.  If the gym does open before December, students will have access to the facility without having paid the Fall 2020 fitness fee.  The university will continue to evaluate health conditions and make a decision between Thanksgiving and the end of December 2020 as to whether Gold’s Gym will be accessible and fees assessed for Spring 2021.

Regarding Financial Aid, the Veteran Services and Financial Aid (VSFA) office will adjust all students Cost of Attendance (COA) budgets to reflect this change in your expected expenses for the fall 2020 semester.  This may result in a small adjustment to your financial aid awards to ensure your total aid is not greater than your COA. If an adjustment is required, VSFA will notify you via email and send an updated award notice for your records. If you have a specific question for VSFA please call 210-567-2635.

As always, if you have questions regarding intramurals or rec sports, please contact Ben Rivers, Associate Director of Student Activities, at riversw@uthscsa.edu. For now, the recreation fields will remain closed and the Library will remain closed for fire and life safety updates through Labor Day weekend.

Thank you all for understanding as we continue to navigate through these turbulent and uncertain times.

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