9/17/20 | 4:15pm | Return to Campus clarification

Dear faculty and staff:

Thank you for your adaptability as we respond to the changing pandemic circumstances and ensure that we maintain focus on our important missions. You have risen to the occasion and exceeded expectations. I am proud of each of you and very grateful.

Several of you have asked for clarification and guidance about return to campus measures. This communication is intended to address questions about when, or if, UT Health employees who have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic should return to work on campus.

With the fall semester now in full swing, and our academic leaders evaluating ways to safely increase in-person student engagement on campus, we will continue to see more activity on campus. Thus, the need for departmental support on campus is increasing. Therefore, I ask managers to evaluate the following:

  • Based on campus support needs, reassess the deployment of employees who are currently working from home;
  • Execute return-to-campus plans for those employees/units who are needed on campus to best support our missions;
  • Determine if there are some situations that warrant accommodations or flexibility, such as unique family or health-compromised situations;
  • In order to manage social distancing requests, attention should be given to flexible schedule opportunities.

I am grateful to the many faculty and staff who have prepared our campus with the necessary safety precautions so that we can conduct our important missions as safely as possible. We are practicing social distancing and we have mandatory mask usage, enhanced sanitation and temperature checks. I am confident we are prepared to support all personnel who need to be on campus as determined by their unit leaders.

In May, guidance was provided on the precautions to be taken when bringing personnel back to campus. Included is the link to that message: Manager Return to Campus Guide.

I look forward to this new fiscal year as we accomplish the lifesaving and life-affirming work of UT Health San Antonio.

With gratitude and respect,

William L. Henrich, MD, MACP
President and Professor of Medicine

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