8/22/2022 | Return to Work Policy for COVID-19 Exposure and Infection

All UT Health San Antonio employees, faculty, or students who have had a positive COVID-19 test must notify the covid-19@uthscsa.edu email address. Below is the information for return to work/school depending on the severity of your COVID-19 illness.

Mild Illness Definition: a runny nose, cough, congestion, malaise, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever and feel better with in a couple of days.

Moderate to Severe Illness Definition: Hospitalization, shortness of breath, dyspnea, or abnormal chest imaging (moderate to severe individuals with evidence of lower respiratory disease by clinical assessment or imaging)

Positive COVID-19 Test (Mild symptomatic or asymptomatic illness):

Following is required:

  • At least 24 hours since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications (e.g. Tylenol, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Advil)
  • No persistent symptoms (e.g. vomiting/diarrhea, or significant cough, runny nose, or headache)
  • Significant improvement in symptoms (if present)
  • At least 5 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, day 0 is the day you were tested or the date your symptoms started.
  • Please work with your supervisor on leave time and work-from-home options.
  • Submit an attestation statement below to the covid-19@uthscsa.edu email address
    • I, NAME, attest that I am at least 5 full days after onset of symptoms (day 0) or from test date and currently asymptomatic or only very mild symptoms and I have not had a fever without fever reducing medicine for 24 hours.  I will be returning to work on XX/XX/XXXX.  I will wear a mask and not remove my mask on campus (e.g., to consume food/beverages, etc.) in the same room with others until after 10 days post first COVID-19 symptom or from my asymptomatic test date.

Positive COVID-19 Test (Moderate to Severe illness):

Following is required:

  • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared
  • At least 24 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications
  • Please work with your supervisor on leave time and work-from-home options.
  • Symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath, etc.) have improved
    *These are reviewed on a case by case basis as they are determined by the treating provider and tailored to each individual and situation
  • Clearance by Wellness 360 or written clearance from primary healthcare provider.

Known Exposure to a Positive COVID-19 Case:

Return to work and start Precautions Immediately after being exposed:

  • Wear a mask as soon as you find out you were exposed
  • Day 0 is considered day of exposure to someone with COVID-19
  • Day 1 is the first full day after last exposure
  • Mask for a full 10 days post exposure
  • Get tested on day 6, or at least 5 full days from last exposure, or at the first onset of any symptoms
    • If you have recently tested positive within the last 90 days, please contact the covid-19@uthscsa.edu email address for specifics regarding how to test post-exposure
    • If you test negative, continue taking precautions through day 10
      • If additional symptoms arise, please retest
    • If you test positive, please follow the guidelines above dependent on the severity of symptoms

Testing is an important COVID-19 control measure, but the best measure is to stay home if you are sick!

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Article Categories: Timely Updates