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August 23, 2021 | Everyone should wear masks on campus

August 23, 2021

Dear faculty, staff, students and residents: In recent days much has been publicly discussed about the wearing of face masks. For example, in dispute in Texas and elsewhere is whether a “mask mandate” is legal or not. I write today to make clear our UT Health San Antonio policy: Everyone should wear masks on campus […]

July 30, 2021 | Additional caution needed as COVID delta variant cases increase

July 30, 2021

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Residents and Fellows: Thank you to everyone who has complied with the campus precautionary measures requested last week due to the highly contagious delta variant. The enhanced spread of the delta variant compels us to reinstate strong recommendations regarding masking and our having no communal or shared meals. New CDC data […]

July 23, 2021 | COVID-19 testing is available

July 23, 2021

Dear UT Health San Antonio community: As the demand for COVID-19 testing increases, we are providing instructions for convenient COVID-19 testing at Wellness 360, which serves as the Employee and Student Health Center, through the School of Nursing. If you are symptomatic (headache, fever chills, upper respiratory symptoms, loss of smell or taste) and need […]

July 20, 2021 | Announcement about the delta variant and masks

July 21, 2021

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Residents and Fellows: We at UT Health San Antonio are closely monitoring the recent increase in community prevalence and transmission of the COVID-19 virus. At present, elsewhere and here in San Antonio, the latest surge is predominantly related to spread by the COVID delta variant. The delta variant is about four […]