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Congratulations to Beeran Jethwa, Master of Science student in Cell Systems & Anatomy, for outstanding performance in the Interprofessional Human Gross Anatomy course and receiving the Award for Excellence!
January, 2019.

Congratulations also to his mentor, Dr. Omid Rahimi!

Congratulations to Shalea Francois, our Master’s student in the Anatomical Sciences track, for successfully defending her thesis recently. Her thesis was titled, “Development of a Dynamic Three-Dimensional (3D) Model for Greater Understanding of the Actions of the Lumbricals and the Interosseous Muscles in the Hand”. Congratulations also to her mentors, Drs. Annette Occhialini and Omid Rahimi! November 20, 2018.

Congratulations to Michael Nipper who received the 2018 Armand J. Guarino Award for Excellence in Master’s studies during the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences convocation yesterday!

The Guarino Award, named after the founding dean of GSBS, is the highest student award given by the Graduate School and recognizes outstanding performance by a student during his/her training.

Congratulations also to Dr. Pei Wang, Michael’s mentor!

Kaitlyn Bejar, M.S., Anatomical Sciences track. Kaitlyn was mentored by Dr. Pei Wang and her thesis was titled, “Analyzing Mucin Profiles in Pancreatic Tumors and Monitoring Tumor Growth”. She received the Rennels Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies from our department and won Best Poster award among Master’s students at our recent departmental retreat. She was also the student representative on our MS-COGS. She has co-authored 2 manuscripts. She is planning to continue working at UT-Health while applying for medical school.

Sang Hyun Chun, M.S., Biotechnology track. Sang Hyun was mentored by Dr. James Lechleiter and his thesis was titled, “A Study of Astrogliosis and PERK in Mouse Models of Traumatic Brian Injury”. He will continue to work with Jim to complete his project.

Ellen Gaudet, M.S., Anatomical Sciences track. Ellen was mentored by Dr. Alan Sakaguchi and her thesis was titled, “Teaching the Lower Limb Using Three-Dimensional Printing”. While a student here, she received the Phyllis and Neil Bowie Student Community Service Award and was also inducted into the Student Legacy Circle as a representative of the graduate school. She will be attending the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, TX, starting July 2018.

Colleen Loza, M.S., Anatomical Sciences track. Colleen was mentored by Dr. Lily Dongand her thesis project was titled “Identification of Novel Factors Involved in the Wound Healing Process of Obese Patients”. Her thesis work will result in a manuscript. She intends to join the Physician’s Assistant program.

Michael Nipper, M.S., Biotechnology track. Michael joined Dr. Pei Wang’s lab and his thesis was titled, “Investigating Initiation and Progression Events in Pancreatic Cancer”. He has one co-author publication and will be a co-author on a second manuscript. He will be joining the PhD program at UT-Health San Antonio this Fall.

Yusheng Qian, M.S., Biotechnology track. Yusheng was mentored by Dr. Yidong Bai and his thesis was titled, “The Role of Grp75 in Mitochondrial Supercomplex Maintenance and Neurodegenerative Diseases”. Yusheng will join the PhD program at UT-Health San Antonio this Fall

Pragya Singh, M.S., Biotechnology track. Pragya was mentored by Dr. Yidong Bai and her thesis was titled, “Generation and Characterization of Retinal Ganglion Cell for Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy” or LHON. She has co-authored a paper and her thesis work will contribute to another manuscript. She will be matriculating into the PhD program at UT-Health San Antonio this Fall.

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