Conditions of Collaboration

UT Health San Antonio ECHO uses teleconference technology to bring together providers, health care workers, and specialists to learn about key topics in the field, discuss real patient cases, and share the tools and knowledge to deliver best-practice care to patients. We aim to improve medical education and increase workforce capacity to provide high-quality care to patients in urban, rural, and remote communities. To do that, we recognize the importance of drawing upon the expertise of the hub team as well as community-based partners who join the ECHO. This program benefits from diverse, dynamic participation from all of its members. We can’t do this without you, our community partners!

In the spirit of collaboration, community partners of the UT Health San Antonio ECHO are encouraged to:

  • Participate in regularly scheduled UT Health San Antonio ECHO sessions by presenting cases, providing comments, and asking questions.
  • Use required software including Zoom teleconference for ECHO sessions and REDCap for case submission (both available free of cost).
  • Provide clinical updates and de-identified outcome data on patients discussed during ECHO sessions as needed.
  • Fill out periodic surveys to help us improve our services to you and other partners.
  • Adhere to the videoconferencing etiquette for UT Health San Antonio ECHO sessions
  • Be photographed during ECHOs

The UT Health San Antonio ECHO is committed to working with community partners and offers to do the following:

  • Provide continuing education credits (e.g. Continuing Medical Education, Continuing Education Units, and/or Maintenance of Certification II) at no cost for participating in UT Health San Antonio ECHO sessions conducted via videoconference technology.
  • Provide routine, remote IT user support to facilitate connectivity and participation.
  • Offer regular didactic presentations relevant to the the ECHO topic.
  • Review deidentified patient cases presented by health care professionals at partnering clinical sites and provide timely, written recommendations.
  • Be available when possible outside of teleconference times for emergent questions or issues, as necessary.

Data usage notification:

In order to support the growth of the movement, Project ECHO® collects participation data for each ECHO program. This data allows Project ECHO to measure, analyze, and report on the movement’s reach. It is used in reports, on maps and visualizations, for research, for communications and surveys, for data quality assurance activities, and for decision-making related to new initiatives.