Faculty Listing





Ahuja, Sunil K.

Professor/Research, President’s Council/Dielmann Chair in Medical Research

ahujas@uthscsa.edu 210-567-0233
Allison, Waridibo

Assistant Professor/Research

allisonw@uthscsa.edu 210-567-0939
Anstead, Gregory M.


anstead@uthscsa.edu 210-617-5300
Berggren, Ruth E.

Professor/Clinical, James J. Young, Ph.D. Endowed Chair for Excellence in Medical Education

berggrenr@uthscsa.edu 210-567-0795
Bowling, Jason

Associate Professor/Clinical

bowling@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4823
Bullock, Delia E.

Assistant Professor/Clinical

bullock@uthscsa.edu 210-358-3710
Cadena Zuluaga, Jose A.

Associate Professor/Clinical

cadenazuluag@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4823
Crawford, George E

Professor/Clinical, Holder of the O. Roger Hollan, M.D. Professorship in Inter. Med.

crawfordg@uthscsa.edu 210-567-6685
Dooley, David P


dooleyd@uthscsa.edu 210-617-5109
Graybill, John R


graybill@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4823
He, Weijing

Associate Professor/Research

hew@uthscsa.edu 210-567-0383
Javeri, Heta

Assistant Professor/Clinical, Director, Fellowship Program

javeri@uthscsa.edu 210-358-3555
Li, Senlin


lis1@uthscsa.edu 210-567-1905
Liu, Ya-Guang

Assistant Professor/Research

liuy9@uthscsa.edu 210-567-0237
Patterson, Jan E.

Professor/Clinical, Associate Dean for Quality and Lifelong Learning

pattersonj@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4445
Patterson, Thomas F.

Professor/Clinical, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, Vice Chair, Department of Medicine Faculty Development

patterson@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4823
Ponce, Philip

Assistant Professor/Clinical

ponce@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4823
Serrano, Ruth C.

Assistant Professor/Clinical

serranopinil@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4823
Taylor, Barbara

Associate Professor/Clinical, Assistant Dean, MD/MPH Program, Adjunct Faculty, School of Public Health

taylorb4@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4661
Walter, Elizabeth A.


waltere@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4823
Weiner, Marc H.

Associate Professor/Research

weiner@uthscsa.edu 210-617-5300