NASA Twin Study reveals new findings on diabetes and kidney disease

NASA Twin Study reveals new findings on diabetes and kidney disease


by Camilla Rambaldi


Thursday, April 25th 2019



SAN ANTONIO – Findings from a recent NASA Twin Study are revealing more information about diabetes and kidney disease.


According to UT Health San Antonio doctors, the information and technology could help with potentially creating more treatment for patients living with diabetes and kidney disease.


The NASA Twin Study lasted for a year. Results from the study were recently published.


Research teams from around the country reviewed molecules in urine and blood from now retired astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly.


One remained on earth, the other in space.


The study looked at how the human body adapts to the space environment and climate.


UT Health San Antonio doctors said what they discovered were common findings that they also see in patients with diabetes and kidney disease.


“The major message is hope that we can really solve this problem. We can use the best technology that is available, that is being used for the NASA astronaut, and apply to the patient here in San Antonio,” said Dr. Kumar Sharma with the Center for Renal Precision Medicine, UT Health San Antonio.


Sharma said the findings centered around the energy produced in human cells, which is what the body needs in order for organs to work 100%.


“In our community, this type of technology is not that far away from the clinic. We can figure out what are the reasons why people in San Antonio are developing diabetes, including complications with kidney disease,” added Sharma.


Additional studies are expected to be conducted later this year.


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