The Department of Medicine continues to support the education mission of the University through our teaching programs. Our major audiences are medical students, internal medicine residents, subspecialty fellows and practicing physicians, but many faculty are also involved in community K-12 programs, undergraduate science training and graduate programs within the various basic science departments, postdoctoral research training and regional CME programs. We promote the growth and success of the school and university through interprofessional education programs. Our fellowship programs are nationally recognized for their quality in both clinical teaching and research.

Staff Listing

Name Title Email Telephone
Crawford, George E , M.D. Director, Office of Educational Programs crawfordg@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4840
Keller, Linda A. Division Administrator kellerl@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4820
Name Title Email Telephone
Kosub, Kristy Y. Director of Student Education, Clerkship Director, Senior Elective Director kosub@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4817
Bowers, Krista Co-Clerkship Director bowersk@uthscsa.edu 210-567-6675
Ratcliffe, Temple Co-Clerkship Director ratcliffe@uthscsa.edu 210-567-1689
Valadez, Leticia D. UME Program Coordinator (MSIII and MSIV) valadezld@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4634
Williams, Paul Program Coordinator (MSIII) williamsPJ@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4817
Name Title Email Telephone
Wathen, Patricia Program Director wathen@uthscsa.edu 210-567-6685
Kanakia, Rushit Associate Program Director Kanakia@uthscsa.edu 210-567-6685
Moreland, Christopher Associate Program Director moreland@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4720
O’Rorke, Jane Associate Program Director ororke@uthscsa.edu 210-567-6705
Hudak, Megan Program Coordinator hudakM@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4724
Sargent, KrystaJo Student Admin Asst-Int sargentk@uthscsa.edu 210-567-6685
Welch, Melissa Student Admin Asst-Int welchm@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4738