Research Overview

Research, the discovery of new knowledge, is vital to the advancement of Medicine. The Department of Medicine promotes resident participation in a broad scope of research projects including basic science, clinical vignettes, public health and epidemiologic studies.

Among our particularly strong research activities are those related to cancer biology and treatment, bone cell biology and diseases of bone, diabetes, immunology and host responses to infectious and inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular disease and stroke, mechanisms and diseases of aging, clinical epidemiology and genetics, and health care delivery and clinical outcomes.

From our notable research findings published in leading journals around the world to our revolutionary advancements in cardiovascular technology and cancer treatment, our experts pursue powerful scientific solutions for society.

Scholarly Activities

Residents are encouraged and assisted to get involved in research projects early. Every September we dedicate a week to teach residents how to write clinical vignettes, submit posters to conferences, secure funding for projects and/or travel, and connect with faculty mentors, many of whom have ongoing projects that residents can help with. Many residents submit posters to local research events including the Department of Medicine Research Day and Passport (focused on quality improvement and patient safety), as well as national conferences.

Major research centers directed by Medicine faculty include: Cancer Therapy and Research Center (a National Cancer Institute [NCI] designated cancer center), Institute for Drug Development, Veterans Evidence-based Research, Dissemination and Implementation Center (VERDICT), Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science, VA HIV/AIDS Center, San Antonio Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC), and The Center for Healthy Aging.