TimeName University Title of Presentation
9:00 a.m. CTMelissa FranchUTHealth Houston Neural representations of social cognition in non-human primates
9:05 a.m. CTBassma BrnawiUT Health San AntonioPediatric Nurses’ Knowledge and Attitudes about Identifying and Reporting Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
9:10 a.m. CTAngela DorigattiUT Health San AntonioTau drives neuronal dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease through astrocyte senescence
9:15 a.m. CTMeena KusiUT Health San AntonioMetabolism-epigenome conspiracy induces tumor heterogeneity
9:20 a.m. CTJose GutierrezUT Health San AntonioAugmenting Metformin treatment for Prostate cancer
9:25 a.m. CTDahee SeoUT Southwestern Manipulation of the Microtubule Network by Poxvirus A51R Proteins
9:30 a.m. CTRathipriya ViswanathanUT Health San AntonioUnderstanding the activation mechanism of PERK, an ER stress sensor and it's role in tauopathies
9:35 a.m. CTJessye CastroUT Health San AntonioHow a Novel APEX2 Interaction Could be the Next Drug Target for BRCA Mutated Cancers
9:40 a.m. CTRohini Thevi GuntnurUT Health San AntonioManipulating the Brain!
9:45 a.m. CTNatalie JarvisUT Health San AntonioThe Herculean Human Alveolar Macrophage: Zero to Hero in the Fight Against TB
9:50 a.m. CTAndy BanhUT Health San AntonioTau-induced endothelial cell impairment as a driver of microvascular dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease
10:00 a.m. CTShanna FraserUT Health San Antonio"it's different when your prosthesis is a bag": Experiences of persons living with an intestinal ostomy: A photo-elicitation study
10:05 a.m. CTDesiree DenmanUT Health San AntonioCaffeine, a Breath of Fresh Air
10:10 a.m. CTTanvi VisalUTHealth MD Anderson Cancer CenterTargeting the impostor to unravel novel mechanisms behind breast cancer metastasis and immune escape
10:15 a.m. CTHema Manogna Gudlavalleti UT Health San AntonioDegradation of Endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor PERK and it’s role in tauopathies
10:20 a.m. CTHolly ChapapasUT Health San AntonioBiomedical Effects of Directed Energy Overexposure
10:25 a.m. CTMustafa N MithaiwalaUT Health San AntonioLost or Confused? Blame it on Inflammation
10:30 a.m. CTNicole HenschUT Health San AntonioSNAI2 Protects Rhabdomyosarcoma from Radiation
10:35 a.m. CTArvin HonariUT DallasCancer drugs that can hear and speak
10:40 a.m. CTVictoria BryUT Health San AntonioQuantifying Facial Motion with Surface Guided Imaging in Radiotherapy
10:50 a.m. CTWeike ChenUT ArlingtonCombined Tumor Environment Triggered Self-Assembling Peptide Nanofibers and Inducible Multivalent Ligand Display for Cancer Cell Targeting with Enhanced Sensitivity and Specificity
10:55 a.m. CTY-Nhy N DuongUT DallasRePlay: An At-Home Upper Limb Rehabilitation System for Stroke

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