Central Time ZoneRoom 1Room 2Room 3
8:00-9:00amPoster Session (Prerecorded with presenters available for chat)
9:00-11:00am3 Min Thesis (Live)
11:00-11:30amBridget Ford, PhD: Balancing Work and Life During a Global PandemicJodie P. Gray, MS, PhD: Your Digital Footprint- Make a Personal Website!Nicquet Blake, PhD: Black Lives Matter in Academia Discussion
11:30-12:00pmKristen McConnell, PhD: From Airplanes to Atoms: The Journey of a Medical PhysicistCarmen Hinojosa-Laborde, PhD: Research in a Military Lab vs. AcademiaNicquet Blake, PhD: Black Lives Matter in Academia Discussion
12:00-12:30pmCalais S. Prince, PhD: "Are you interested in science for policy or policy for science?" --Thoughts on how to navigate a career in science policyJohn Fritz, MBA, MS, MHA, PDM: Bench to BedsideLauren Cornell, MS, PhD: From Student to Entrepreneur--Taking an Alternative Path/ Building your Own Career
12:30-1:00pmNgoni Madungwe, PhD: Lessons from Transitioning to the Pharma Industry During COVID-19Eslam Elshahat, PhD: Life as a Life Science ConsultantMary Bradley, MLA: Quick Tips for CVs & Resumes
1:00pm-1:30pmKelley Minars, MLIS: 3D Printed Anatomical Models--Uses in Health Care and EducationXiaoban Xin, PhD, JD: Career in Patent LawEmily Reiser, PhD: Life Science Innovation Community in Texas
1:30-2:00pmChris Johnson, PhD: Alzheimer's Disease--The Trip Back in Time ModelEdward Zastawny, PharmD: Careers as a Medical Science LiaisonManpreet K. Semwal, MS: How to Overcome Graduate School Challenges During the COVID-19
2:00-2:30pmKetan Marballi, PhD: Careers in Scientific and Medical WritingPramod Mishra, PhD: Clinical Molecular Diagnostics--An Alternative Career Path In Biomedical SciencesRaksha Parthasarathy, BS: International Student Discussion-- Around The World In 30 minutes
2:30-3:00pmTheodore Price, PhD: Advice on Starting a LabRugmani Iyer, PhD: Driving Science--From Books to BenchsideJodie P. Gray, MS, PhD: Navigating the Digital Job Market
3:00-3:30pmTiffany Kelley, PhD, MBA, RN: Building a Career Trajectory by Knowing Oneself and Knowing the PatientAnna Mancha-Ramirez, PhD: Creative Disobedience and the Art of Shedding Imaginary RulesMarya Chaney, PhD: What It's Like To Transition From An Academic Researcher Role To An Industry/Management Role?
3:30-4:00pmRachele Berria, MD, PhD: Drug Development in the Time of CoronavirusHenry Miller, MS: Want To Learn Bioinformatics? Here's How.Samantha Yee, BS: Work-life Integration: Making The Most Out Of Graduate School
4:00-4:30pmDavid Weiss, PhD: Closing Words by Dr. Weiss
4:30-5:30pmGraduate Student Social

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