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Nicquet Blake, Ph.D.

Session Title: Black Lives Matter in Academia Discussion

Associate Dean of Admissions and Director of the IMSD Training Program at UT Health San Antonio

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Bridget Ford, Ph.D.

Session Title: And for my next trick, I’ll need a volunteer: juggling teaching, science, and parenthood in a pandemic

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of the Incarnate Word

*GSBS Class of 2012 Graduate (Ph.D., Molecular Medicine)*

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Jodie Gray, Ph.D.

Session Titles: Your Digital Footprint- Make a Personal Website! & Navigating the Digital Job Market

Researcher, Private Industry

*GSBS Class of 2020 Graduate (Ph.D., Radiological Sciences-Human Imaging)*

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Carmen Hinojosa-Laborde, Ph.D.

Session Title: Research in a Military Lab vs. Academia

Research Physiologist, US Army Institute of Surgical Research

*GSBS Class of 1985 Graduate (Ph.D., Pharmacology)*

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Kristen McConnell, Ph.D.

Session Title: From Airplanes to Atoms–The Journey of a Medical Physicist

Assistant Professor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Radiation Oncology

*GSBS Class of 2018 Graduate (Ph.D., Radiological Sciences–Therapy Medical Physics)*

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Calais Prince, Ph.D.

Session Title: Dr. Calais Prince: Thoughts On How To Navigate A Career In Science Policy

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Technology Policy Fellow Department of Defense

*GSBS Class of 2017 Graduate (Ph.D., Cellular and Structural Biology – Genetics, Genomics and Development)*

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Lauren Cornell, Ph.D. (and the Novothelium team)

Session Title: From Student to Entrepreneur: Taking an Alternative Path/ Building Your Own Career

Co-Founder/CEO of Novothelium

*GSBS Class of 2012 & 2019 Graduate, (Ph.D, Translational Science and M.S., Biomedical Engineering)*

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John Fritz, MBA, MS, MHA, PDM

Session Title: From Bench To Bedside

Associate Director of Technology Commercialization, UT Health San Antonio

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Rachele Berria, M.D./Ph.D.

Session Title: Drug Development in the Time of Coronavirus

Vice President, US Medical BioPharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca

*GSBS Class of 2003 Graduate (M.S., Clinical Investigation*

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Eslam Elshahat, Ph.D.

Session Title: Life as a Life Science Consultant

Life Science Consultant, Putnam Associates

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Ngoni Madungwe, Ph.D.

Session Title: Lessons from Transitioning to the Pharma Industry During COVID-19

Process Development Scientist, Amgen Inc.

*GSBS Class of 2020 Graduate (Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering)*

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Xiaoban Xin, Ph.D., J.D.

Session Title: My Career As a Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney Company Name Johnson, Marcou & Isaacs, LLC

*GSBS Class of 2011 Graduate (Ph.D. in Cellular and Structural Biology)*

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Kelley Minars

Session Title: 3D Printed Anatomical Models, Uses in Health Care and Education

Creative Technologies Librarian, UT Health San Antonio

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Emily Reiser, Ph.D.

Session Title: Life Science Innovation Community in Texas

Sr. Manager, Innovation Commuinty Engagement Texas Medical Center

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Edward Zastawny, Pharm.D.

Session Title: Careers as a Medical Science Liaison

Senior Medical Science Liaison at Santen

*GSBS Class of 1991 Graduate (Pharm D., Pharmacy)*

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Manpreet Semwal, M.S.

Session Title: How to overcome graduate school challenges during the COVID-19

Ph.D. student, UT Health San Antonio

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Chris Johnson, Ph.D.

Session Title: Alzheimer’s Disease: The Trip Back in Time Model

Clinical Professor of Sociology in Dementia and Aging Studies Program at Texas State University, San Marcos

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Ketan Marballi, Ph.D.

Session Title: Careers in Scientific and Medical Writing

Research Associate, Syracuse University

*GSBS Class of 2013 Graduate (Ph.D., Cellular and Structural Biology)*

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Pramod K. Mishra, Ph.D.

Session Title: Clinical molecular diagnostics: an alternative career path in biomedical sciences

Founder and COO, iGenomeDx Inc

*GSBS Class of 2011 Graduate (Ph.D., Microbiology and Immunology)*

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Raksha Parthasarathy

Session Title: International Student Discussion: Around The World In 30 minutes

President, UT Health San Antonio Graduate School International Club

Rugmani Padmanabhan Iyer, Ph.D.

Session Title: Driving Science: From Books to Benchside

Senior Scientist II at Merck

*GSBS Class of 2011 Graduate (Ph.D., Biochemistry)*

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Theodore Price, Ph.D.

Session Title: Advice on Starting A Lab In Academia

Professor and Director of Center for Advanced Pain Studies, UT Dallas

*GSBS Class of 2004 Graduate (Ph.D., Pharmacology)*

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Marya Chaney, Ph.D.

Session Title: What it’s like to transition from an academic researcher role to an industry/management role

Clinical Director, Early Oncology Development, Merck & Co., Inc

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Anna Mancha-Ramirez, Ph.D.

Session Title: Creative Disobedience and the Art of Shedding Imaginary Rules

Scientist at Procter & Gamble

*GSBS Class of 2017 Graduate (Ph.D., Cellular and Structural Biology)*

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Tiffany Kelley – Ph.D., MBA, RN

Session Title: Building a Career Trajectory by Knowing Oneself and Knowing the Patient

DeLuca Foundation Visiting Professor for Innovation & New Knowledge; Founder & CEO, Nightingale Apps; Founder & CEO, ICare Nursing Solutions; Editorial Board Member, American Nurse

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Henry Miller, M.S.

Session Title: Want To Learn Bioinformatics? Here’s How.

Graduate Student, UT Health San Antonio

Mary Bradley, MLA

Session Title: Quick Tips for CVs & Resumes

Director of the Office of Career Development, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, UT Health San Antonio

Samantha Yee

Session Title: Work-Life Integration, Making the Most out of Graduate School

Graduate Student, UT Health San Antonio

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David Weiss, Ph.D.

Session Title: Closing Remarks by Dr. Weiss

Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, UT Health San Antonio

Graduate Student Virtual Social

This will be led by Holly Parenica and Alia Mallah.