Casali, Paolo, M. D.

Department: Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
Position: Zachry Foundation Distinguished Professor and Chairman
Phone Number: (210) 567-6612
Location: MED 5.007V

Personal Statement:

Dr. Casali’s research focuses on mechanisms of immunoglobulin locus activation and targeting, as well as regulation of genome-wide and specific gene expression by epigenetic marks and gut microbiota, in antibody/autoantibody responses and immune memory.


  • M.D., University of Milan, School of Medicine & Surgery, 1974
  • University of Milan, School of Medicine & Surgery, Specialty Diploma and Board Certification in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 1976
  • University of Milan, School of Medicine & Surgery, Specialty Diploma and Board Certification in Microbiology and Virology, 1984


Knowledge in the biological and biomedical sciences continues to accelerate at a remarkably rapid pace. All of us are witnessing this extraordinary scientific revolution and almost endless application of today’s discoveries and modern technologies to improve tomorrow’s lifestyles and societal well-being. Recent observations concerning the influence of the microbiome on human health and disease further reinforce the fundamental contributions and influence of microorganisms on immunity, inflammation, nutrition, metabolic integrity, and neurological development. Therefore, a graduate focus in Microbiology and Immunology offers many exciting opportunities to become the multitalented, innovative and interdisciplinary scientist and educator required to compete in today’s evolving scientific world.

Our graduate program emphasizes interactive and self-directed courses in microbiology and immunology as well as meaningful exposure to other biomedical disciplines, which provides the appropriate and relevant intellectual balance and preparation. Advanced courses in many key areas of Microbiology and Immunology are available, so that students can build upon their expanding knowledge base. Furthermore, students learn to write and critique grant proposals, develop skills in communication, and discuss the ethical basis of scientific research and conduct. Thus, our responsibility to graduate students in the Microbiology and Immunology Program is to provide focused yet sufficiently broad educational and research experiences, so that each student encounters and utilizes state-of-the-art approaches to further their investigative talents and research explorations. This commitment will enable trainees to prepare for the range of exciting career choices that await them in the fields of academia, biotechnology, government, and numerous other cross-over professional specialties.

Dr. Casali’s Lab


(selected publications since 2000)

Complete List of Publications

  • Shen T., H.N. Sanchez, P. Casali and H. Zan*, 2017. A novel alternative sequential switch DNA recombination in class switching to IgA in human and mouse B cells. In preparation.
  • Zan H, Z. Qiu and P. Casali. 2017. Short-chain fatty acids enhance plasma cell survival through activation of Gpr43 signaling. In preparation.
  • Zan, H. Shen T., H.N. Sanchez and P. Casali. 2017. Sirt 1 modulates Aicda expression, class switch DNA recombination and somatic hypermutation by inhibiting NF-kB activity. In preparation.
  • Shen T., H.N. Sanchez, H. Zan* and P. Casali. 2017. Short-chain fatty acid HDAC inhibitor–mediated modulation of AID expression and class switch DNA recombination is reversed by estrogen through selective modulation of miR-126a. In preparation. (*corresponding authors).
  • Rivera, C., Z. Xu and P. Casali.  2017.  Induction of mature and neutralizing T-cell independent antibody response by BCR-TLR co-engagement through synergy of MyD88 with PI3K signaling.  In preparation.
  • Zan, H, T. Shen, Z. Qiu, H.N. Sanchez and P. Casali.  2017.  The methylcytosine dioxygenase Tet2 promotes class DNA recombination, somatic hypermutation and plasma cell differentiation.  In preparation.
  • Sanchez, H.N., T. Shen , J.R. Taylor, H. Zan and P. Casali.  2017.  Short-chain fatty acid histone deacetylase inhibitors produced by gut commensal bacteria regulate selected microRNAs to modulate local and systemic antibody responses.  Nature Immunol., submitted.
  • Zan, H., C. Tat, Z. Qiu, J.A. Guerrero, J. R. Taylor, T. Shen and P. Casali.  2016.  Rad52 competes with Ku70/Ku86 for binding to switch region DSB ends to modulate immunoglobulin class switch DNA recombination.  Nature Commun., submitted.
  • Lam, T., D.V. Kulp, R. Wang, Z. Lou, J., Taylor, Q. Zhong, Z. Wang, H. Zan, D. Ivanov, G. Zhong, P. Casali* and Z. Xu*.  2016.  Rab7 inhibitor impairs B cell class-class switching and plasma cell survival to dampen the autoantibody response in murine lupus [*equal contributors and corresponding authors].  J. Immunol., in press.
  • Vasquez, M.I., V.P. Luu, P.A. Hevezi, I. Catalan-Dibene, A.M. Burkhardt, J.L. Montero, I. Ushach, C.A. White, E.J. Pone, P. Casali and A. Zlotnik.  2016.  Identification of IL-40 as a novel B cell-associated cytokine.  Mucosal Immunol.,submitted.
  • Shen T, H.N. Sanchez, Z. Lai, P. Casali and H. Zan.  2016. Genome-wide analysis of HDAC inhibitor-mediated modulation of microRNAs and mRNAs in B cells induced to undergo class switch DNA recombination and plasma cell differentiation. J. Vis. Exp., in press.
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