Graduate Medical Education

Global Health Rotations & Missions

Global health is an integral part of any residency or fellowship training, and UT Health San Antonio is proud to offer global health elective rotations to its trainees.

There are two main types of programs in which residents and fellows can participate: an approved clinical rotation to be completed in partial fulfillment of your accredited training program, or a medical mission trip. An approved clinical rotation will be completed for program credit in conjunction with and under the supervision of a UT Health San Antonio faculty member, and will be administered in a similar manner to on-site elective rotations. A medical mission will not be completed for residency credit and will require vacation time to be used. Medical missions may be completed with or without the supervision of UT Health San Antonio faculty.

It is imperative that any interested resident or fellow consult with their Program Coordinator and Program Director prior to committing to a program. Following program approval, each participant must notify OIS and will be required to complete a checklist of pre-departure requirements. Please note, this checklist is different from the traditional student checklist in order to accommodate GME requirements.

For eligibility questions, please consult your Program Coordinator and Program Director.

For questions regarding university policies and procedures, please contact us at or 210-567-6241.

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