Lawful permanent residency (LPR) is a classification that allows non-citizens to live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis. A lawful permanent resident is also commonly referred to as a “green card” holder. Once an individual becomes a permanent resident, s/he may remain in the U.S. indefinitely provided that s/he does not abandon permanent resident status or become removable under immigration law.

There are multiple pathways to lawful permanent residence, which may be based on employment, a family relationship, refugee or asylum status, or other special provisions. OIS facilitates the process of sponsoring employees of the University for employment-based permanent residency.

Process to Request Sponsorship

Please refer to the University policy on employment-based permanent residency sponsorship to determine if you are eligible for sponsorship by your department or division.

If your department/division has agreed to initiate the process to request permanent residency sponsorship, the department contact will reach out to OIS to submit the official request. OIS can answer your general inquiries regarding the process, but will ultimately refer you to your department until we have received the final request, signed by the Dean of the respective school or VP of the division, before moving forward.