Driver’s License

If you are aiming to get a Texas Driver’s License, please read this section carefully including the notes that are important for you to know.

Note 1:  If you are new to Texas, you may have to wait 30 days before applying for driver’s license to prove that you are in the Texas state.

Note 2:  International visitors who hold an out-of-state license, including a license from a U.S. territory or Canadian province, can legally drive with a valid, unexpired driver’s license up to 90 days after moving to Texas

A valid, unexpired driver’s license from another country is also accepted, as long as you also have an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). The IDP is a document secured in one’s home country of origin and serves only as a valid translation of a home country driver’s license. It may not be used by itself, as the official home country driver’s license must accompany it to be considered a valid driving document. Although the IDP is typically valid for one year, please keep in mind that you are only allowed to drive in Texas without a Texas driver’s license for up to 90 days.

For more information on general reciprocal driving provisions, please review the Driving Privilege Reciprocity page

Applying for a Texas Driver License

To obtain a Texas driver’s license, an individual must meet all the Texas Department of Public Safety requirements.

To check what acceptable documents you need in order to apply for Driver’s License, please review the Verifying Lawful Presence based on the visa type that you hold.


Note: Documents must be original or certified copy. Certified documents should not be laminated. No photocopies can be accepted when applying in person at any driver license office.

To know how to apply for a Texas Driver License, please visit Texas Department of Public Safety at

The closest driver’s license office to the UT Health Science Center is located at 1258 Babcock Rd, San Antonio. The contact information is (210)-737-1911. Walk-in appointments are available but wait times are LONG! However, you are now able to get in line from the comfort of your home, and skip the long lines! DPS offers a new way for customers to save time and avoid lines by signing in through the website or by phone, or your cell phone. However, the services are available in limited locations. Please check the website the list of the locations and more information at


Please refer to the website for more information including the costs