Since debit and credit cards are common forms of payment in the U.S., it is important to establish a bank account early. Inquire with the bank as to their services, waiting period and related fees.  Your current bank might have a branch in San Antonio. Search online and inquire more information to find the bank that will best meet your financial needs. It is important to have a bank that is conveniently located and with extended hours.

Some banks previously used by international visitors include:

  • Bank of America
  • Bank One
  • BBVA Compass
  • Chase
  • Frost Bank
  • San Antonio Credit Union
  • Wells Fargo


In the U.S., individuals receiving payments are required to file an annual tax return.

In general, the Office of International Services (OIS) does not provide advice or assist with filing taxes. It is the individual’s responsibility to understand and meet tax obligations. OIS has licensed the Sprintax Tax Prep software to assist in preparing your U.S. federal income tax return (form) for non-resident tax filers. This online tool provides easy-to-use federal tax preparation software along with an extensive online library that will help you file your tax forms and understand the often-confusing rules surrounding taxes for foreign nationals.  The tax filing requirements will often be different from the requirements for the U.S. citizens due to tax treaties, immigration rules, and other exemptions. These complexities make it important to understand how you have been taxed so that you can properly complete a return. At the beginning of each calendar year, OIS will email instructions to all current non-immigrant visa holders regarding next steps to access the software.

We encourage you to complete your U.S. tax return before the IRS deadline.  The quicker you begin – the quicker you will finish (and receive any tax refund due to you!). Please note that the last two weeks of tax season are a very busy time to use Sprintax. Thus, you may experience delays if you submit questions to Sprintax support during that time.  More information regarding taxes can be found at the IRS website.

Tax Scam:  Please be aware of the IRS scams that may target international visitors and trainees during the tax filing season.  The IRS DOES NOT contact individuals via phone, email, text, or social networks. Should you receive any type of such communication asking about your status here in the U.S. or any personal financial questions, please do not respond,  click any links, or open any attachments and forward the email as-is to Then, delete the original e-mail. If you, unfortunately, experience any TAX scam, please report the issue to an IRS official. Contact the OIS if you have any questions about the legitimacy of a call or email.