The state of Texas has regions that experience a full season schedule that includes fall, winter, spring, and summer.  San Antonio does not quite have or experience the full season schedule that is typical.  San Antonio does experience sunshine practically year-round.  Even though there is a lot of sunshine, it does rain in San Antonio.  San Antonio’s wetter months are usually April to October.  It can also be humid throughout the year, but the humidity does fluctuate and is bearable.  It is always good practice to keep sunblock with you throughout the year.

The temperature scale used in the United States is Fahrenheit (°F) rather than Celsius (°C).  You can still measure the temperature in Celsius and signage (such as bank signs) may display both temperature scales, however the Fahrenheit scale is most commonly used.

Due to the nice subtropical climate, the city is highly sought destination spot for travel, living, and special events.  While some states begin to experience snow in the months of October and November, people in Texas could be swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in those months. The warmer months tend to be in the 90s-100s, with August traditionally being the hottest month out of the year.  It is common to have many summer days in a row with a triple-digit temperature. When the city is experiencing these high temperatures, you will want to make sure that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, wear lightweight clothing, use protective sunblock and stay in air-conditioned buildings.

The winter season is at times, short-lived.  It is common to wear shorts during the month of December and to experience weather in the 80s all while enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate.  However, it can get cold, and even snow.  In those instances that the weather temperatures happen to drop to near or below freezing, the city can experience sleet and some snow flurries if the conditions are right.

The coldest month is traditionally January. If you still doubt that it snows in San Antonio, ask a native of San Antonio about the big snow of 1985 and they will gleefully share their stories with you.  The other seasons, spring and fall, tend to be pleasant, if a little warm.

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Inclement Weather

While San Antonio is several hundred miles from the coast, it is not immune to hurricane season. Rain and wind from hurricanes that make landfall on the Texas coast travel up to San Antonio. In and around the city, San Antonio roads and highways flood very easily when there is moderate to heavy rainfall. Be careful while driving in heavy rain, as the roads can flood quickly and unexpectedly, sometimes resulting in shut downs.

Heat can sometimes be a concern in the summer, as well. Neighborhoods have lost power in the past due to intense heatwaves, but those problems are usually fixed in a timely manner. Remember that the sidewalks and streets get very hot, and children and pets can easily burn their feet or hands on the hot pavement or cement.