Faculty Listing

Name Email Telephone
Jane L. Lynch, M.D.
Professor and Interim Division Chief
lynchj2@uthscsa.edu 210-567-5283
Gary L. Francis, M.D., Ph.D.
francisg@uthscsa.edu 210-567-5210
Carisse Mendoza Orsi, M.D.
Associate Professor
orsic@uthscsa.edu 210-567-5283
Maria “Sukie” Rayas, M.D.
Assistant Professor
rayas@uthscsa.edu 210-542-7393
Elia Nila Escaname, M.D.
Assistant Professor
escaname@uthscsa.edu 210-567-5283

Faculty Contact

Gloria A. Matthews, Business Administrator
Division of Pediatric Endocrinology
Email: Matthewsg@uthscsa.edu
Phone: 210-567-5213
Fax: 210-567-0492