WordPress Branding Guidelines & Restrictions

Header Customizations

The header includes the main menu and anything above the menu.

  • You are allowed to use a custom logo in the banner if it has been created by the marketing department. Custom logos not created by the university are not allowed.
  • You may also add in the department name by the logo through the WordPress customizer by replacing the site title.
  • You are allowed to change main menu items but you are not able to customize colors, spacing or any other items in the header.
  • The main menu has a character limit of 90 characters in order to prevent menu items from overlapping in the left and right menu.
  • The main menu is restricted from using drop down menu’s. This restriction is part of our web branding guidelines.
  • We recommend using the left menu bar for site navigation and the right menu bar for important external links if needed.

Page Banner Customizations

We currently have 2 different page banners.

Homepage Banner Example

Default Page Banner Example

  • Banner images should not contained edited/photoshop added text. Keep in mind that banners are simply to add a visual appeal to the page and adding text to the background image does not help search engine rankings and is not responsive for mobile devices.
  • Homepage banner images should be resized before being uploaded and we recommend using the dimensions 1700px by 400px at 60% compression.
  • We do not allow HTML/CSS customizations to the banner space and the customizations of this section are limited to changes of the image, title, byline, button text and button URL.
  • The default page banner image size should be around 450px by 300px or you can feature a video from Youtube.com or Vimeo.com

Page Body Customizations

  • You are allowed to use custom HTML to build body content and we strongly recommend using elements from our demo website. You can copy and paste these elements into a WordPress page by using the browser’s inspector tool. (Demo Panels)
  • You are allowed to use the WPBakery Page Builder that is pre-installed in order to create a unique page design without html.
  • You are not allowed to use custom title colors that are not approved in the UT Health Branding Guidelines.

Footer Customizations

  • The footer can be changes but we highly recommend the format seen above by only changing your department location information and the connect with us information.
  • Footer changes do require knowledge of HTML or you can contact the web team for support in footer customizations.