A Message from the Chief

The mission of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center is to provide the highest quality of care to patients with pulmonary and critical care illnesses, through a commitment to comprehensive clinical services, technological innovation, and training the next generation of leaders in our sub-specialty. We are dedicated to advancing the care of patients through clinical and translational basic science research. Our Division is also committed to promoting evidence-based patient care, with many of our faculty being recognized both at a national and international level for their contributions and leadership. 


Jay Peters, M.D.

Professor of Medicine
Chief, Division of Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine

Division of Pulmonary Diseases/CCM





Anzueto, Antonio R.

Chief, Pulmonary STVHCS Audie Murphy VA Hospital/ Professor of Medicine,


anzueto@uthscsa.edu 210-617-5256
Levine, Stephanie M.

Fellowship Program Director,


levines@uthscsa.edu 210-567-5792
Restrepo, Marcos

Associate Fellowship Program Director

Associate Professor

restrepom@uthscsa.edu 210-617-5256
Peters, Jay I. Chief of Division Pulmonary Diseases & Critical Care Medicine peters@uthscsa.edu 210-567-5792
Rodriguez, Michelle Administrative Assistant – Senior rodriguezM43@uthscsa.edu 210-567-5792
Garzareck, Aminah Manager, Finance & Administration garzareck@uthscsa.edu 210-617-5300 ext 15719
Madrid, Ruby Administrative Assistant – Senior madridre@uthscsa.edu 210-450-8289
Alcaraz, Ailene Fellowship Program Coordinator alcaraz@uthscsa.edu 210-567-4928  

Patient care and clinical services

The Pulmonary Division UT Health San Antonio is one of the state’s major clinical referral centers and boasts a comprehensive set of pulmonary outpatient services, as well as in-patient pulmonary and critical care services. A more detailed list is below.

Outpatient clinic services available:

  • Interstitial Lung Disease Specialty Clinic
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Specialty Clinic
  • Lung Transplant Specialty Clinic
  • Interventional Pulmonary Specialty Clinic
  • Cystic Fibrosis Specialty Clinic
  • Lung Nodule and Mass Clinic
  • Severe Asthma Specialty Clinic
  • University Hospital Comprehensive Pulmonary Medicine Clinic
  • South Texas VA Comprehensive Pulmonary Medicine Clinic
  • Medical Arts and Research Center (MARC) Comprehensive Pulmonary Medicine Clinic
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
  • Pulmonary Function Lab Testing

Critical care medicine services available:

  • Medical ICU (MICU)
  • Neuro-ICU (NICU)
  • Cardiothoracic ICU (CTICU)
  • Surgical ICU (SICU)

Interventional pulmonary services offered:

The following are just some of the diagnostic and therapeutic services offered, many of which are unique to south Texas:

  • Endobronchial US-guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration of mediastinal lymph nodes (Convex EBUS-TBNA)
  • Peripheral/Radial EBUS-TBNA
  • Endobronchial and transbronchial biopsies
  • Rigid Bronchoscopy
  • Airway stent placements
  • Airway balloon dilation therapy for airway stenosis
  • Airway ablative procedures (laser, APC, cryotherapy, electrocautery)
  • Percutaneous tracheostomy
  • Ultrasound-guided thoracentesis
  • Chest tube placement
  • Tunneled pleural catheter placement for persistent pleural effusions
  • Bronchial thermoplasty for severe resistant asthma
  • Whole lung lavage
  • Endobronchial valve placement for persistent bronchopleural fistulas
  • Swan-Ganz/Right-Heart/Pulmonary Artery Catheter Placement

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Phone: 210-567-5792
Fax: 210-949-3006