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Locked-In Syndrome

September 30, 2020

Locked In

September 30, 2020

Psychiatric disorders have common biological basis, studies suggest

October 22, 2019

People with schizophrenia, depression and addiction share several brain abnormalities in common, according to new studies that utilized the Research Imaging Institute and BrainMap database ( at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

‘My kid is in there,’ MRIs of locked-in children confirm

October 22, 2019

Structural and functional MRI in children resuscitated after drowning pinpoints the site of anoxic brain injury to regions controlling movement, while providing strong evidence that networks controlling perception and cognition remain largely intact.

Locked-in story touches news organization

October 22, 2019

A story about “locked-in syndrome” and research being done at UT Health San Antonio is attracting national attention. It’s also pulling at the heartstrings of the journalists reporting it.

Head of Army Futures Command visits

October 22, 2019

Gen. John M. “Mike” Murray, commanding general of the U.S. Army Futures Command based in Austin, visited UT Health San Antonio June 5 to learn about advances in military medicine.

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