EYE-ing ideas from our TEI web page when cooped in class during testing


By Ramon Gleason

It is an issue that comes up for some special education classes when your campus is locked down for testing and you need to keep your students engaged and quiet. Trying to find an activity that is engaging and relevant to my student was a little difficult. I had the opportunity to carry material from one of our science night activities that involved eye health. Using that as a stepping stone, I was able to create a short lesson that blossoms into a three-week activity for my special needs students.

With the material I got off our TEI web page, the eye unit was a great start to some fun activities for my students. We went through the lesson, then proceeded to create new activities like an eyeball necklace and an eyeball piñata (it was also Fiesta time!).

With that, we were able to build an eyeball piñata that we were able to identify major parts of the eye and build a cute hands-on activity that students could fill with treats and take home and show their parents what they created.

Using our TEI web site, there are so many ideas that you could utilize in your classroom when there is a time when you’re not TEKS driven and want something that is engaging and allows you, students, to explore aspects of science that involve their own health.

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