A Unique Way to get your Teaching Mojo Back!

Teaching Mojo


By Ramon Gleason

Ever feeling like it is the same old routine in your class or campus? Well, attending our TELA/VBTA supported Science Nights might be a way to get your teaching chops a shot in the arm.

Over the last year, I have attending and been a part of science nights at campuses all over the San Antonio area. It is a fresh aspect of what we do as teachers. We get stuck in a rut with our day in and day out routine at our own campus. But, going to these different campuses and seeing the excitement and wonder of the students that come by our booth is invigorating. I get to meet fellow teachers from that campus and a different set of students with such unique perspectives on science. There is a level of engagement that brings what we do to the greater community and you see firsthand parents and kids engaging together and it is in a positive light.

Aside from meeting new people, you become part of their world for a moment and you take some of that energy back to your campus or classroom. So, if you feel too routine or need to step outside rut, then check our web page and come help out at one of our TELA Science Nights. Nothing to lose, but an opportunity.

Being part of the bigger picture.

When I first came onto teaching, there was a lot of uncertainty. Was I doing the right thing, am I going to shut down the school, what if I get this all wrong? That and many other concerns filled my thoughts. I had a friend as a sounding board. My friend was not in education, but listened and was able to reflect on what I would rant about. Due to his passing, I lost that sounding board.

That was about the time that I was becoming involved with then the VBTA. It was a place that I could listen to others, find that I was not the only one who needed place to be safe. It was a place that made me feel like I was important and what I do is important. The people, leaders, and peers are a welcoming group. It was a place where I could be me.

Over time, I have become more involved and playing a part in a program that helps other educators. It might be with setting up a science night or being a mentor to my fellow peers on my campus. I am glad that I have been able to grow as a professional with TELA, formally VBTA. I have that others can see that and be involved with a group that will support and be a friendly pace to be the best professional you can be.

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