Teacher Enrichment Initiatives (TEI) Published in the Journal of STEM Outreach!

Exciting news! The TEI staff and our wonderful support teachers have been published in the Journal of STEM Outreach. The paper is titled: “Engaging the Community through Science Nights: An Elementary School Case Study.”

Abstract: Parental involvement increases K-12 student interest in STEM careers; however, when parents lack confidence in STEM content, or language and cultural barriers exist, parental engagement decreases. The Teacher Enrichment Initia – tives (TEI) collects annual teacher feedback regarding the level of parental involvement with students during science nights, which laid the foundation for teachers to develop a science night training. Using qualitative methods, this single-case study follows elementary teachers who participated in the TEI science night training as they implement a Science Night program at a majority-minority elementary school. Data were gathered by TEI staff during the inaugural and third year of the Science Night program showing an increase in attendance from 700 (2016) to 800 (2018) and an increase in parental engagement with their student in STEM-related activities from 46% (2016) to 62% (2018). The data and follow-up summary were used by the case study school teachers to write and secure grants to support an annual Science Night program. This case study sug – gests Science Nights can be a mechanism to promote parental engagement with their student in hands-on STEM activities. Further, this case study suggests teacher feedback and inclusion in developing a science night model is central to successful implementation of a science night program.

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Article Categories: Events, STEM Careers, Teacher Perspectives, Teacher Professional Development