Everfi Training

Everfi’s higher education courses suite offers and provides primary and ongoing education and training for students and employees (faculty and staff) on the topics of sexual assault prevention, (sexual) harassment and discrimination prevention including Title IX and VAWA amendments to the Clery Act that teach students and employees (faculty and staff) to recognize and prevent sexual misconduct and harassment and promote safe work and academic environments.

The 45-minute Everfi training is interactive and explores Title IX and safety issues in depth. “At the foundation of every positive student experience is a safe and healthy learning environment. Everfi’s Sexual Assault Prevention Suite is a comprehensive education solution that engages students as they progress, fostering healthy relationships and preparing them to recognize and respond to sexual assault and harassment when it occurs.” The program module “equips students with the tools needed to navigate new and complex relationships including how to identify and respond to harassment from a faculty member or advisor, other workplace-based harassment, how to respectfully engage with other students, and how to respond to student disclosures.”

All students are required to take the Everfi online training module. Students who do not complete this training may have account holds placed on their student accounts until completed.