General Updates (v3.27)

Most of the last few minor updates will not affect the end content editors but here is the change log of the technical updates that have gone in on the back-end.


  • Added in a “Formats” button to the WP editor that will allow you to convert text into a UT health button or double carat link
  • You can now enable the news and events on a the Default page template
  • Added in about the Author to Events
  • Updated the design of Events
  • Expanded the available templates that can be used in WP Bakery. A visual reference guide for these panels can be found on our WP Visual Panel page of the demo site.
  • Added in a new center banner design for the homepage template
  • Added in Register Now field for events
  • Added in sharing options for Events (This needs be enabled upon request to webteam per site)
  • Added in options to show only news or only events on the homepage or default page template (the “News Only” option needs be enabled upon request to webteam per site)
  • Added in the option to have a donate Link in the header
  • Added in an option to change the “Part of UT Health” utility bar to a custom department link. For example, division sites can now point to the department they are under.

Updated header with options enabled

Updated Homepage Design with the Center alignment enabled

Upcoming Events Toggle Feature

Related News Toggle


Technical Updates:

  • Removed legacy CSS and fully integrated in the drupal pattern library
  • Updated the header styles (Replaced the search button with an icon, fixed the menu slant on desktop and mobile)
  • Fixed the active class for the utility nav
  • Fixed mobile menu (the word “Menu” on mobile is now clickable and in white)
  • Fixed bug where Title is hidden when editing a page in WPBakery
  • Fixed white card link styles
  • Various CSS tweaks.
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