Recent Theme Update (V3.12)

We pushed a recent theme update that has addressed the following issues;

  • Bug Fix: The header link that reads “Part of UT Health Systems” now points to the correct URL
  • Bug Fix: Bulleted list styles have been corrected
  • Bug Fix: Updated Visual Composer and manually updated pages that were no longer displaying page content. This was a Visual Composer bug that created the issue.
  • Enhancement: Improved the department name placements in the header next to the logo’s. (Example Link)
  • Enhancement: Page templates “Landing Page Colorized Background” has been consolidated with the default page template. You no longer have to change page templates to activate features of the Landing Page Banner design
  • Enhancement: A new Homepage banner design has been launched that now enables a news feed and events feed before the footer. (Example Link)
  • Enhancement: The theme now has a default color theme and default logo when a new site is created.
  • Enhancement: The theme has been optimized by removing outdated and unnecessary code.
  • Enhancement: Added support for captions on featured images in page banners.
  • Enhancement: Minor CSS optimizations
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