Updated Events Panel (v3.24)

In this theme update, we updated the way you enable the News and Events panel  that is found on the homepage templates. Now you will be able to toggle on (or off) the News and Events Feed from the Page Banner: Advanced Options instead of having to select a different page template. With this, we are also eliminating the extra home page templates and consolidating them to just the “1. Homepage Banner: Full Width Image” Option. (see below)

To enable the News and Events Panel, please use the page template titled. “1.Homepage Banner: Full Width Image

Next, scroll down to the Page Banner Customization and select either

  • Enable Basic News and Events (or)
  • Enable Colorized News and Events


New Colorized Option & Event Styles

With this update we also has included a new colorized panel instead of just having a standard option. Events has also been updated to display with the clickable calendar icons as seen below. The event will also show the event title, the excerpt (if one is set) and a “View Event” link. These panels will have accent colors that match the color of your theme.  For questions, please contact webteam@uthscsa.edu.

Colorized News & Events Otion


Basic News & Events Option

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