Kendra Patricia Mack-Semler, BSN, Class of 2021

Kendra Patricia Mack-Semler, BSN
Kendra Patricia Mack-Semler, BSN, Class of 2021

Why did you choose nursing?

I chose nursing because I really wanted to find something that brought together my two passions: caring for others and science. I feel that nursing truly is the bridge between compassion and knowledge, so it allows me to practice my two strengths each and every day!

Why did you choose UT Health San Antonio?

I chose the School of Nursing at UT Health because of its focus on research, advancement, and bettering the community. I love the faculty members and their dedication to the students and student success. I love the constant presence that UT Health has in our community; this really shined during COVID-19! The school truly has a commitment to making lives better, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

How has UT Health helped you?

UT Health has helped me in countless ways! This is the place where I grew as a leader, the place where I got a degree during a pandemic, and the place where I started to learn how to be a nurse. The relationships I have built with students and faculty alike truly changed my experience. I also gained so much experience with volunteering during my time at UT Health, and it will forever shape my practice as a nurse and health care professional. I will always be so grateful for my time with the school, and definitely want to continue being involved as an alum!

What is your plan after graduation?

I am starting in the neurosurgical ICU at Methodist Hospital! I completed an internship there and love the values of the Methodist system! I am very much looking forward to starting my career and taking some time off from school to do things I enjoy, like hiking and spending time with my family. After getting ICU experience for a couple of years, my eventual goal is to become either a CRNA or acute care Nurse Practitioner. The goal is to get my doctorate at UT Health. I am very passionate about education, so I cannot wait to get back to school soon!

How do you intend to give back to UT Health?

I have full intentions to give back financially to UT Health, including the Dr. Lark Ford scholarship that my classmates and I initiated! I also plan to give back with my time. I have a strong passion for volunteerism, so I would love to continue volunteering with UT Health and giving back to our community – this time as a RN!

Who is your favorite professor, mentor or staff member and why?

I have two favorites! One mentor I have to brag about is Dr. Cindy Sickora. I formed an incredible relationship with her during my time as the Clinical Service Distinction Coordinator, and through working with Dr. Sickora, I was privileged to see her passion for her career and commitment to helping others. She wears so many hats and is incredible! Her work during the COVID-19 pandemic made an incredible difference in our community.

My other mentor is Dr. Ford. She is one of those people who you consider yourself privileged to have ever met. She is dedicated, selfless, elegant, intelligent, hardworking, and one of the most caring people I have ever met. I can think of more than one instance where I called her for advice, and the conversation lasted easily over an hour. Dr. Ford never hesitates to help when needed, even if she has 10 other things going on. She has helped shape my nursing practice, and I will forever be grateful to have been taught by her! She also ran the UT Health COVID-19 vaccination response and helped coordinate the vaccination of more than 159,000 people. She is a true hero.

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