The Council of Principal Investigators (CPI) comprises individuals elected to represent Principal Investigators (PIs) from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio research community. The CPI’s mission is to ensure continued improvement of the research environment for faculty, students and staff at UT Health San Antonio. The CPI, acts as an independent voice for the PIs it represents, works with administration to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the research and training environment, with the goal of increasing the national recognition of UT Health San Antonio as an institution competitive in research and teaching.

The CPI meets monthly to consider specific issues relevant to research. Recommendations are formulated, then discussed with and implemented through the appropriate organizations or administrative offices.


Recent Accomplishments

Making the CPI a stronger voice for researchers

The CPI has met repeatedly with top administration officials, such as President Henrich and Dean Hromas, as well as Drs. Giuffrida and Potter, and Ms. Marks and Tawney to discuss concerns about topics of importance to researchers and the research enterprise. Among these, animal per diem, core facilities, purchasing and travelling requisitions were discussed. Thus, the CPI has consistently ensured that research remains an important component of the Institution’s mission and that the administration hears a strong voice on behalf of its researchers.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the CPI has been working with HSC Leadership to ensure that policies intended to keep the workplace safe also allow for research programs to continue with as little impact as possible. In addition, the CPI worked with Dr. Giuffrida to host a Virtual Townhall on COVID-19 to provide an opportunity for all PIs to ask questions and get the information they needed to keep their laboratories safe and productive.

HR & Kronos

The CPI met with Ms. Tawney and her HR leadership team to provide input from the PIs on the development of performance-based incentives for research staff, the comprehensive leave policy, and to discuss issues and voice concerns as HR implemented the Kronos system for tracking employee time and attendance.

EDGE Initiative

2020-2021 was a year of change, and the CPI worked diligently with Ms. Marks, Dr. Potter, Mr. Green, and others to ensure that the concerns of the PIs were communicated to the policymakers during the development and implementation of the updated pre- & post-award grants management program, comprehensive leave policy, and travel plans under the EDGE Initiative. This included a CPI-hosted Virtual Townhall on Grants Management where PIs were able to ask questions and learn about how consolidation of grants management under EDGE would affect the pre-and post-award processes.