Name of PresenterInstitution Poster CategoryPoster Title
Zachary BennettUT Southwestern Medical CenterBiomedical Engineering and Medical PhysicsDetection of lymph node metastases with ultra-pH-sensitive nanoparticles
Victoria BryUT Health San AntonioBiomedical Engineering and Medical PhysicsQuantifying Facial Motion Using Surface Guided Imaging in Radiotherapy
Maria PradoUT Health San Antonio/UTSA Biomedical Engineering and Medical PhysicsMaterial and Failure Criteria Eq. in QCT/FEA Predictions of Vertebral Fracture
Sonia PatelUT MD AndersonClinical and TranslationalTargeting IL-6 in the Immunosuppressive EGFR-mutant NSCLC Tumor Microenvironment
Shanna FraserUT Health San AntonioClinical and TranslationalIt’s Different When Your Prosthesis Is A Bag
Andy BanhUT Health San AntonioClinical and TranslationalTau-induced endothelial cell impairment as a driver of microvascular dysfunction
Sachin AbrahamUIWBasic SciencemTOR-Mediated Expression and Activity of ADAM17 in Diabetic Nephropathy
Maaz SyedUIWBasic ScienceNovel role of Duox2 as a mediator of podocyte injury in the diabetic environment
Teresa BaistraUIWBasic ScienceCa2+ dependent Duox2 is a source of ROS in mesangial cell response to Ang II
Sara MasoudUT Health San AntonioClinical and TranslationalEngaging a Diverse Stakeholder Advisory Council for Research in Dementia Care
Mustafa MithaiwalaUT Health San AntonioBasic ScienceThe Role Of BDNF-TRKB In Modulating LPS Induced Neuroinflammatory Response
Veronica AcostaUIWBiomedical Engineering and Medical PhysicsMaking Heads or Tails of Nervous System Function in an Annelid Model System
Alia Mallah UT Health San Antonio/UTSA Biomedical Engineering and Medical PhysicsCharacterization of Phenotype and Mechanical Properties of Bovine Chondrocytes
Mahmoud AmrUT Health San Antonio/UTSA Biomedical Engineering and Medical PhysicsHydrogels with Varying Mechanical Properties for Articular Cartilage TE
James FisherUTMBClinical and TranslationalMincle senses Orientia tsutsugamushi: a mediator of
polarized innate responses
Shannon LandonUTSA Basic ScienceUsing GRASP to Map the Connectivity of Peripheral Taste Circuits
Nicole HenschUT Health San AntonioBasic ScienceSNAI2 Protects Rhabdomyosarcoma Tumors from Radiation through BIM Repression
Larry BroomeUT Health San AntonioBasic ScienceRANK and CD44 Enriches Mammary Basal Stem Cells

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