Student Education Abroad Process & Policies

The steps to a successful education abroad program are two-fold. First, it is imperative you work with your department to ensure a trip fits into your academic trajectory. These department contacts are oftentimes the first point of contact for students who travel abroad with UT Health San Antonio and are great resources for discussion and general information. Please note that, for many programs, an initial application is required through the program’s sponsoring department before working with OIS.

Student Eligibility

Furthermore, student eligibility for a UT Health San Antonio education abroad program is predicated on the following minimum conditions and circumstances:

  1. Participants must be fully admitted, registered UT Health San Antonio students at the time of program participation;
  2. Participants must be a student in good academic standing at the time of program participation;
  3. Participants who have any form of campus judicial sanction or who are involved in disciplinary action are ineligible for education abroad participation; and,
  4. Participants who will engage in either group or faculty led education abroad programs must also meet all general education abroad eligibility criteria.

Prior to Traveling Abroad

Prior to partaking in an Education Abroad trip, consultation with the Office of International Services (OIS) is required by all student participants. Students and Team Leads (including faculty leads where relevant) must also follow a comprehensive checklist of requirements and receive permission to participate in the education abroad program, via signature, from the respective dean’s office. All students must participate in a formal education abroad pre-departure orientation provided by OIS in conjunction with UT Health San Antonio departments prior to departure.

During the education abroad program, students are expected to adhere to university policies and expectations as you are representing the institution, the State of Texas, and the United States.

Upon returning from an education abroad program, there are many opportunities to share your experiences abroad and help promote further global health initiatives abroad.

For UHS residents & fellows, please see the Graduate Medical Education page.

Program and Site Opportunities

Current Programs and Opportunities

Nearly 200 students from all 5 schools enrich their studies abroad every year – see where you could go!

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Requesting a new site location

Interested in a site not listed? Want to go somewhere completely new, different, and on your own? Work with OIS to make it happen!

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Education Abroad Application Packets

  • Individual Travelers

    This comprehensive packet is for all individual travelers who are participating in their own trip separate from other UT Health San Antonio organized group trips.

    Individual Traveler Packet

  • Group Trip Team Leads

    All UT Health San Antonio group trips should designate a faculty or student Team Lead. The Team Lead is responsible for this packet on behalf of the whole trip. The Team Lead must also complete the Group Trip Packet.

    Team Lead Packet

  • Group Trip Traveler Packet

    All student participants of UT Health San Antonio sponsored group trips must complete and submit this packet.

    Group Traveler Packet