Our Services

Communicating Private Funding Opportunities

Corporations and private foundations periodically publish Requests for Proposals (RFPs).  Our team communicates many of these opportunities with faculty and staff based on the subject area of interest.  Anyone interested in targeted RFP notifications or discussion of funding opportunities is invited to submit a project funding request form.

Proposal Development

Once private funding opportunities are identified, Corporate & Foundation Relations can assist faculty, researchers and staff in preparing, developing and reviewing grant proposals to corporations and private foundations prior to submission. Many foundations will only consider limited requests from the university, making it important to notify CFR if there is interest in applying. If this service would be of interest, please schedule a meeting by contacting cfr@uthscsa.edu.

Investigators seeking funds from a private foundation or corporation will be required to contact The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for proposal review at least three business days prior to submission.

Office of Sponsored Programs

Coordinating Site Visits

The Office of Institutional Advancement serves as the central resource for all corporate and foundation interactions, including site visits. Whether requested by the sponsor as a condition of funding or offered as an invitation by faculty, a site visit can be a very informative and productive way to educate our partners about the mission of UT Health and the impact of their area of interest. If you receive a notice for a site visit from a private foundation or corporate sponsor, please inform our team immediately. We will coordinate every aspect in partnership with you to ensure the most successful outcome.


We work with our faculty to ensure the highest level of stewardship for all of our donors. In collaboration with funded faculty members, we will assist in the coordination of reporting and follow-up based on the donor’s expectations and any foundation contract or grant agreement requested by the donor. Together, we can strategize to draft reports, coordinate meetings, or create presentations for the benefit of our funders.

Assisting with Sponsorships for Symposiums and Events

Corporate & Foundation Relations is your first stop for securing sponsors for your event. More information on sponsorships can be found in the Sponsorship Information Packet.

We work closely with other cross-functional teams across campus including Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC), Vice President of Research (VPR’s) Office, and Department Administrators to ensure that our faculty and researchers are provided the highest level of service in seeking and securing relationships and funding from corporate and private foundations.