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Post-COVID conditions are a wide range of new, returning, or ongoing health problems that people experience after being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. People with post-COVID conditions may develop or continue to have symptoms that are hard to explain and manage.

To learn the science behind Long COVID, patients’ experience (physical, socio-economical, psychological), and explore the difficult-to-treat and poorly understood effects of Long COVID from the patient’s perspective, we are launching the Listening to Long COVID ECHO series in partnership with Health Confianza, a collaboration between UT Health San Antonio, UT San Antonio, and the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

Subject matter experts, including physicians, mental health professionals, faith leaders, indigenous historians/practitioners, and artists, share symptom management strategies, including traditional, integrative, and complementary approaches. Sessions include a brief educational presentation, a curated, pre-recorded personal illness narrative from an individual whose life has been impacted by Long COVID, followed by a group discussion to share challenges and best practices in caring for people living with Long COVID symptoms.

This interactive, peer-to-peer learning community will offer:

  • Free continuing education credits
  • Ongoing, case-based learning
  • Engagement with a dynamic community of learning
  • Professional growth and networking
  • Capacity building for community health

This series ran February – April 2023. View all session recordings and resources below.

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FREE Continuing Education credits for Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Pharmacists, pharmacists, Technicians, and Social Workers. 

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Session 6: April 21, 2023

Faith and Healing, Mental and Spiritual Wellness

  • Panelists:

Pastor Anna Gordy
Reverend Claudette Copeland
Rabbi Mara Nathan
Mitra Mark Power

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Session 5: April 07, 2023

Healing and Arts

  • Panelists:

Jen Yáñez-Alaniz, Cultural Activist — Educator — Poet
Jill Ewing, Director of Education, Bihl Haus Arts
Nicolás R Valdez, Interdisciplinary Performance Artists & Arts Educator

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Session 4: March 24, 2023

Indigenous Approaches to Healing

  • Presentation by: Raul Joaquin Abrego, CHW, UT Health San Antonio

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Session 3: March 10, 2023

Integrative Health Approaches to Long-COVID Management

  • Presentation by: Jan Patterson, MD, Professor of Medicine, UT Health San Antonio

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Session 2: March 3, 2023

The Mental Health Impact of Long-COVID and Approaches for Care

  • Presentation by: Summer Rolin, PsyD,  Assistant Professor/Clinical, UT Health San Antonio

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Session 1: February 24, 2023

Post-COVID Syndromes: What Can We Do?

  • Presentation by: Theresa Barton, MD,  Associate Professor, UT Health San Antonio

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