Our Research Model

The ECHO model, which connects community-based health workers to experts and a wider community of practice and learning, offers an adaptable framework that can support a range of high-priority research themes across medical and non-medical disciplines including research questions related to health disparities and inequities. By building connections between community-based organizations and academic medical centers, ECHO opens new opportunities for collaborative research to improve community health.

UT Health San Antonio ECHO is helping to pioneer use of the ECHO model as a research tool supporting systematic, data-driven process and outcome evaluation that provides information about an ECHO program’s implementation process, quality, value, and impact.

Strong evaluation methods built into an ECHO program can drive quality improvement, refine processes, and identify metrics that are meaningful to an array of stakeholders, such as patients, providers, clinics, or payers. Furthermore comprehensive evaluation can facilitate replicability and sustainability of ECHO programs.

Research consultation services

Situated within the Center for Research to Advance Community Health (REACH), the UT Health San Antonio ECHO Service Core offers research consultation support and technical assistance to investigators and programs seeking to use ECHO for health services research. This includes providing information and materials necessary to support grant applications. If you are interested in conducting research that utilizes the ECHO model or would like to learn more, please contact us.