Hepatitis C Virus ECHO

As the most common blood-borne infection and a leading cause of liver disease, failure, and cancer, hepatitis C virus (HCV) poses a major threat to the health of our communities. To address this, we are establishing an HCV ECHO to educate practitioners about the disease and provide evidence-based, interdisciplinary guidance for management and treatment using highly effective, direct-acting antivirals. Our team is made up of experts in HCV care delivery, including a hepatologist, a community-based pharmacist, an infectious diseases specialist, and a community health worker with more than 6 years in supporting uninsured patients who are diagnosed chronic HCV (in rural and urban settings).

Our expert panel includes:

  • Hopethe Hubbard MD, Hepatologist
  • Waridibo Allison MD, PhD, Infectious Disease Specialist
  • Margaret Adjei PharmD, Pharmacist
  • Ludivina Hernandez CHW, Community Health Worker

This ECHO occurs on the third Monday of every month at 2pm (Central). Continuing medical education (CME) is available for free to attendees.

Treatment and testing resources are available to session registrants through the HCV Partner Portal.

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