About our Center

Ultrasound has become an indispensable bedside technology that is being used with increasing frequency by multiple specialties and is now an ACGME requirement for residency/fellowship training in various specialties. This technology has been shown to improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce time to definitive care, and reduce bedside procedural complications. Medical schools across the country have begun to integrate longitudinal ultrasound training into their curricula over the past decade to improve students’ understanding of anatomy and pathology, and prepare them for post-graduate clinical training.

The Center for Clinical Ultrasound Education will foster interdepartmental and multidisciplinary collaboration to develop innovative educational programs. Healthcare providers from different disciplines, namely physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses, recognize the importance and need for clinical ultrasound training. No other medical school has such a center, and this unique center will be a national model for multidisciplinary integration of ultrasound into healthcare education.

The Center for Clinical Ultrasound Education is operated by the Undergraduate Medical Education office.