Part-Time Job

This email below has been confirmed as malicious or fraudulent by the Information Security department. If you have received this phishing email, do not open any attachments or follow the link(s) in the message; simply delete the email.

Some of the emails reported have the subject line of Part-Time with no Job at the end. But all have the same contents and this is a verified scam. The email is supposed to come from Dianne Arnold but the email address is a spoofed address of someone who works for the National Land Agency of Jamaica. The other red flag is the part time job includes purchasing items online and shipping them to someone. Due to FERPA, they will be able to conceal the name of the “student” and the person doing the purchasing will be sending the items to the scammer. If you receive an email similar to this, delete it. No legitimate company recruits this way.

screenshot of scam email

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