Did You Got My Message

This email below has been confirmed as malicious or fraudulent by the Information Security department. If you have received this phishing email, do not open any attachments or follow the link(s) in the message; simply delete the email.

The subject line being grammatically incorrect is a good red flag that this is a scam or phishing attempt. A promise of a very large payoff is there to entice the recipient to take action.

It also asks for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). When in the wrong hands, some PII is more dangerous than others. Generally, information that is available to the public such as your name, address, license plate number, and phone number, are not considered a high-risk PII. However, if used in conjunction with one another, they can still certainly be used against you.

Once they have your home address and phone number, they will be relentless in trying to gather more information. If you receive an email similar to this, delete it.

Screenshot of email with notes

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